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Geotextile and other products made of jute

3R Eco offers many more products such as geotextiles, car trunk liners, firewood totes, commercial packaging, ground and shrub covers, all of which are made from jute. Many more products are under development.


Jute Gardening Products:
For a long time jute has been used for gardening and the protection of vegetation. Jute is also used as a geotextile to prevent soil erosion. 3R Eco offers a range of long-lasting, efficient gardening tools: ground and shrub covers, flower pots and tool belts all made from jute. Products which are handy, long-lasting and 100% natural!



Car trunk liners

3R Eco innovates buy offering a durable trunk liner for your vehicle. The anti-skid surface prevents bags, boxes and other loads from slipping and sliding.

This trunk liner protects the original carpet in your vehicle against spills and stains. Made from laminated jute it may easily be adjusted to the shape of your trunk with a simple pair of scissors.

When dirty, simply remove from your trunk, shake off or wash down with a garden hose. It may be rolled up for easy storage.